by John on October 2, 2010

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The Sky At Night – Composed December 2009-May 2010 by John Macedo

‘The Sky at Night’ is a composition for synthesized sound. Realised in the SuperCollider programming language and arranged in Logic, it attempts to explore temporality and multi-dimensionailty in the stereophonic field through computer sound synthesis and manipulation of auditory perception and localisation.

The following SuperCollider code and sound clip are a simplified example of a stereo manipulation techinque, which can be used to create subtle illusions of movement and distance in the stereo field:

t =;[500,,1,t).round(0.05)],0,0.4)

SC Stereo Illusion Example

This method replaced all use of dynamic and automated panning in the composition. Along with Complex FM synthesis, Xenakis’ Gendy2 SC implementation and Comb filters modulate by coloured noise, this technique was the basis for sound generation in the piece.

This composition is an attempt to create a listening experience that goes beyond stereophonic sound, a sculptural approach where form and structure are sensitive to the listener’s spatial and temporal perspective.

Download some of the code used in the composition: SuperCollider Code

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